25 In 25: U.S. Senator Warren Rudman

Nov 20, 2012

President Ronald Reagan speaking to Senator Warren Rudman in the oval office, 1986.
Credit Carol M. Highsmith / Library Of Congress Prints & Photographs Collection

In 2007, The Exchange ran a special series taking a look at 25 influential people in the Granite State, 25 In 25. As part of that series, we spoke to former U.S. Senator for New Hampshire Warren Rudman. We are reposting this episode as a special memorial, following Senator Rudman's death on Monday, November 19th.

From the original episode:

Today on The Exchange, our 25 In 25 series continues with former U.S. Senator Warren Rudman. Over the past quarter century, Rudman has been hugely influential, both in the Granite State and nationally, on issues like federal spending, campaign finance, and terrorism. We'll look at Senator Rudman's career, and ask him how he's seen New Hampshire change.