2.4.14: Ancient Emotion, Graham Cracker, Netflix Documentaries, And Doug Elkins

Feb 4, 2014

Guess what. (What?!). You got the better of Monday. Reward yourself with a healthy dose of Word of Mouth. Today, we're looking at mental illness in our ancient ancestors, the prudish beginnings of the graham cracker (minus the chocolate and marshmallow), Netflix documentaries, and the choreography of Doug Elkins. Dance your heart out, relax with Netflix, and replenish with a s'more. Just steer clear of the ancient hallucination-inducing furies. Listen to the full show and scroll down for more on each segment.

Mental Disorders in the Ancient World

William V. Harris, Director of Columbia University's Center for the Ancient Mediterranean, wrote about ancient mental illness in his book Mental Disorders in the Classical World.

Graham Cracker

Adee Braun wrote an article about Sylvester Graham in The Atlantic. The inventor of the graham cracker had some radical ideas about diet and sexual urges.

25 Best Netflix Documentaries

Virginia Prescott spoke with Ross Scarano about the 25 best documentaries streaming on Netflix. He compiled the list for Complex. Check out some trailers here.

Doug Elkins

What happens when Shakespeare’s Othello, the sound of Motown, and modern dance combine? An electrifying performance the New York Times calls “one of the most compelling dance creations of this century" choreographed by Doug Elkins. He is performing Hapless Bizarre at Keene State College tonight at 7:30.