2.20.14: Anatomy Of An Actor, "So-And-So Is Typing", Pearl And The Beard & Interspecies Love

Feb 20, 2014

2.20.14: Anatomy Of An Actor, "So-And-So Is Typing", Pearl And The Beard & Interspecies Love
Credit Bill Ohl, Hatmanu florin, & whittlz via flickr Creative Commons and Pearl and the Beard

Today's Word of Mouth broadcast delves into the hows of character creation. Then we speak to the creator of everyone's favorite chat feature. You know, the one that says "So-and-So is typing." (Thankfully he doesn't leave you hanging on those three little dots...) We leave acting and writing for a musical treat with the band Pearl and the Beard. Finally, it's all about the cute with the author of a new book about interspecies relationships.

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Anatomy of an Actor

"So-And-So Is Typing"

Pearl and the Beard

  • For the last three years, Pearl and the Beard has been working on a new album while touring the country extensively, crafting a high energy live show which will be making its way through Concord tomorrow night at the Capitol Center for the Arts. Producer Zach Nugent spoke with Pearl and the Beard’s Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price, and Jeremy Styles and asked for their best ‘stories from the road.’

Unlikely Loves

  • Love is in the air on Word of Mouth today… which is not confined to human love. Master dog trainer David Latimer once said “animals other than humans love unconditionally. Put your spouse and your dog in the trunk of your car for three hours and see which one is happy to see you when you let them out.” It’s with that quote our guest Jennifer Holland begins her new book Unlikely Loves,  a collection of exceptionally cute photos and stories of friendships between two different species of animals. 
  • Check out an abundance of cuteness from the internet here.