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2.11.16: Discount Fast Food is Unsustainable & Why We Write About Ourselves,

ebru via flickr Creative Commons

Wendy's, McDonald's and Burger King are competing for customers with deeply discounted menus. But can that strategy rescue a waning fast food market?

On today’s show, fast food is falling into a discount trap. Also today, the best sellers list is heavy with memoirs from celebrities and everyday people. We'll explore why writers want to share their secrets and delve into the art of a great memoir.

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The Dollar Menu is an Unsustainable Business Model

Daniel Kline is contributing writer to Motley Fool, and he questions the strategy of deep discount fast food, and wonders if the big three chains are falling into a discount trap.

"Are McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King Falling Into a Discount Trap?"

The Dollar Menu is an Unsustainable Business Model

Why We Write About Ourselves

Why We Write about Ourselves is edited by Meredith Maran and features writers like Edwidge Danticat, Anne Lamott, Cheryl Strayed, and Nick Flynn who've dared to take the plunge with a literary memoir.

Why We Write About Ourselves


Kookooland: A Memoir

Credit Courtesy of Gloria Norris/Author Photo by S. Beth Atkin

Kookooland is part true-crime, part coming-of-age story, and many parts crazy-town, and it's written from the perspective of author and screenwriter Gloria Norris nine-year old self.

Kookooland: A Memoir

Go Fund Yourself

Personal fundraising sites like Kickstarter and Go Fund Me are quickly becoming an integral part of the US economy. Crowd-funding is the new way to fund an art project, a new gadget or even raise funds for families struggling with medical bills. But in a small town in Maine, a personal crowd-funding campaign went very wrong.

This story was produced by the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, you can listen to it again at

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