2.10.14: Trains, The Beatles & New England's Ski History | New Hampshire Public Radio

2.10.14: Trains, The Beatles & New England's Ski History

Feb 10, 2014

The Winter Olympics are in full swing, and among those going for gold at Sochi are eight New Hampshire residents. Today on Word of Mouth, we’ll go back to the days before lifts and lodges to find out why a tiny state with icy mountains has produced so many champs. Also, last night marked the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles’  first performance on the Ed Sullivan Show, an event that drew the largest audience for any program in the history of television up to that time, and has remained burned into America’s collective memory. We’ll take a deeper look into the start of Beatle-mania.

Tom Zoellner: Train

Thomas the Imperialist Tank Engine

  • Jessica Roake talks to producer Taylor Quimby about her in-depth look at the beloved children's hero Thomas The Tank Engine and finds some not-so-subtle imperialist undertones in the popular television show.

Here Come the Beatles!

  • Author Penelope Rowlands is a certified Beatle-maniac from way back, and she has the pictures to prove it. She shares her story of when The Beatles first came to the US, as well as the stories of musicians, journalists and fans in her new book, The Beatles Are Here.

NH Ski History

  • Who better to ask about the history of skiing in New England than the secretary and historian of the New England Ski Museum? Dr. John Allen is a bona fide ski scholar and enthusiast; he joins us to discuss why New England cranks out so many ski champions, and why the conditions here are so unique.