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2020 Presidential Primary Results

Feb 11, 2020

Bernie Sanders won the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary on Feb. 11, 2020. Pete Buttigieg was second and Amy Klobuchar surged to a third-place finish. President Trump won the Republican presidential primary.

Sanders won 76,358 to Buttigieg's 72,448 votes. Klobuchar earned 58,776. Elizabeth Warren had 27,432 and Joe Biden had 24,912. GOP N.H. primary results, Trump had 129,734 votes; challenger Bill Weld had 13,844 votes.

Secretary of State Bill Gardner reports there were 300,742 Democratic ballots cast, and 156,587 Republican ballots cast.

(This post was updated with the latest results and links from the Secretary of State after the 2020 Primary.)