2016 Presidential Race: Uncharted Territory | New Hampshire Public Radio

2016 Presidential Race: Uncharted Territory

Oct 10, 2016

We take a moment, fewer than 30 days from the election, to evaluate the recent turn of events in the Presidential race.  An 11-year old video, in which Republican nominee Donald Trump talked crudely about groping women, prompts N.H.'s Senator Kelly Ayotte to join a growing wave of Republican lawmakers unwilling to vote for the Republican nominee, or even calling for him to step down. We review the second presidential debate featuring questions from undecided voters as well as the two moderators.  And we consider whether the Republican party can hang on to control in Congress, and how the GOP, seemingly in crisis, can rebound.


  • Dan Bush -   Digital Politics Editor at PBS Newshour. He covered the debate in St. Louis.
  • Chris Galdieri - Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, Saint Anselm College.
  • Wayne Lesperance - Dean of Undergraduate Studies and a professor of Political Science at New England College.