1.7.15: Putin's Macho Power Play & How To Think About Exercise

Jan 7, 2015

Credit Jedimentat44 via flickr Creative Commons / flic.kr/p/auAnDK

A simple Google image search reveals countless images of a shirtless Vladimir Putin, riding horseback, fishing, and brandishing weapons. On today’s show: how the Russian leader uses machismo and gender stereotypes to build political legitimacy.

Then, among the most popular New Year resolutions, getting in shape ranks close to the top, but less than 10% of weight-loss resolutions last. A philosopher shares his take on how we should think about exercise, in order to maintain a regimen.

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Sex, Politics, & Putin

Don Draper vs. Seth Rogan

  • To young television viewers in the U.S., Don Draper, the fictional character played by John Hamm in AMC's Mad Men is the epitome of masculinity:  he is serious, well-dressed, chiseled, and enigmatic. Eric Molinsky tries to understand why fans of the show are ready to ditch their t-shirts and jeans for dapper suits and ties.
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How to Think About Exercise

  • Damon Young is an honorary fellow in philosophy at the University of Melbourne – his latest book is called How To Think About Exercise and is part of the “School Of Life” series. It won’t offer you tips for getting perfect abs or teach you how to run a five-minute mile – but it might just help your resolutions stick.

A Dance Class For Dancers with Big Dreams...and Leg Warmers

  • On Sunday mornings, in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, a group of dance students have found a way to enjoy exercise that not only gets them in shape but lets them play the part of sassy back-up dancer for a day. Producer David Boyer takes us to Sunday Skool.
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