1.30.17: Civics 101 & End of Life Care for Kids

Jan 30, 2017

The Constitution grants the press freedom to hold elected officials feet to the fire. How does the White House Press Corps do it?  Today, Civics 101 gets a lesson from a master, NPR's Senior White House Correspondent Scott Horsley.

Also today, hospice care is increasingly a choice for end-of-life care. What does it mean for lives that have just begun? We'll hear about an option that's so far been unthinkable - hospice care for terminally ill kids.

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Civics 101: White House Press Corps

What's it really like for a journalist stationed at the White House? We go inside the press briefing room with NPR's Senior White House Correspondent, Scott Horsley.  

You can listen to the full episode again here: Episode 2: White House Press Corps

Storing Our Digital History

In San Francisco’s Richmond district, there stands a bright, white, defunct Christian Science Church. There are big white columns out front, with pink steps leading up to iron double doors. But, what goes on inside this church is not quite what you’d expect. Producer Audrey Dilling takes us inside the headquarters of the Internet Archive.

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End of Life Care for Kids

In The Economist's Quality of Death Index for 2015, a comprehensive rating of how countries treat their terminally ill, the US ranked 9th out of 80 countries. Not awful, but not great either. While the US has made great strides in improving palliative and hospice care, one demographic is going largely ignored: kids. 

Eleanor Cummins is a journalist who focuses on science. She recently wrote about the specialized considerations required for good pediatric palliative care - the article, called "American Children Deserve a Better Death" appeared in Slate.

Every Night Ever

People are confronted daily with the difficult to understand, the impossible to believe. And sometimes, those things actually are too fantastical to be real. Nate DiMeo from the podcast The Memory Palace brings us the story of a UFO hoax from 1951 featuring two barbers, their buddy, the butcher, and a monkey.   

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