12.22.14: Let The Online Buyer Beware, Overlooked Books: 2014, & Cuba's Last Tycoon

Dec 22, 2014

Sale signs on sale in a shop that sells sale signs.
Credit the justified sinner via flickr Creative Commons / https://flic.kr/p/4NKfhs

With the countdown to Christmas now measured in hours instead of days, the online holiday deals you may have shrugged off a few weeks ago are now looking downright clickable. On today’s show we’ll discuss why those offers are often too-good-to-be-true.

Plus, a literary wrap up of 2014. We’ll venture off the best-seller list for a sampling of the best overlooked books of the year.

And a glimpse of pre-revolutionary Cuba through the story of Julian Lobo, a sugar trader and financier, considered to be Cuba’s last tycoon.

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Online Buyers Beware

Overlooked Books of 2014

Cuba's Last Tycoon

Cold War Veterans

  • It's commonly said that the cold war was waged in back room deals, rather than on the battlefield. That isn’t true for the many servicemen who risked their lives in spy planes or on nuclear submarines. Producer Eric Molinsky reports that many of these retired servicemen are facing a new battle: they want to be classified as “cold war veterans,” but they’re facing a tough fight.
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