12.2.14: The Mental Impact Of Space Travel & The Cruise Ship Of The Future

Dec 2, 2014

Virgin Galactic's Sir Richard Branson shows off his White Knight Two aircraft that will carry Spaceship Two into sub-orbital space.
Credit David Malkoff via flickr Creative Commons

The recent disintegration and crash of a Virgin Galactic suborbital space plane raised questions about the safety and viability of space tourism. On today’s show, we consider another issue for commercial spaceflight: the psychological effects of leaving earth.

Then, touted as the world’s most advanced ship, Royal Caribbean’s cruise-liner Quantum of the Seas is outfitted with virtual balconies, robot bartenders, Bladerunner-esque elevators, and smart apps. While the ship’s technology is impressive, we’ll find out where it all falls short.

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The Mental Effects of Space Travel

  • Sydney Brownstone is a staff writer at Fast Company’s Co-Exist, where she wrote about the often-ignored mental side of space travel. You can read her article here: "The Break-Off Effect."


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