1.15.15: The Invisible Primary and Authentic Brands

Jan 15, 2015

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New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary may be a year away, but presidential hopefuls are already jockeying for position. Today,we’ll talk about why you should forget election fatigue and start paying attention to the race now – and we'll talk about signs that a politician is considering a run at the presidency.

And we'll continue our series on offbeat college courses, the Uncommon Core, with Beauty Pageants 101.

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The Invisible Primary

  • Political scientist Seth Masket argues that right now is the most exciting part of the presidential campaign, before the primary. He makes that case in an article for Pacific Standard magazine. "The 2016 Presidential Race Has Already Started."
  • NHPR's Senior Political Reporter Josh Rogers discusses the role of local politics in the invisible election.

The Uncommon Core: How to Win a Beauty Pageant

  • The Uncommon Core is a series that examines unusual college courses being taught in schools across the country. In this episode, we hear from a professor who teaches a class that focuses on  beauty pageants and how the contests are a way of looking at society and the nation as a whole.
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Authentic Brands

How To Spot a Lumbersexual

  • Jack Savage is Vice President of communications and outreach for The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and executive editor of the quarterly magazine Forest Notes. His recent article aims to help distinguish the real lumberjack from the poser. "The Fine Art of Distinguishing NH's Real Men."

Credit Logan Shannon / NHPR

Lumberjill 101

  • Shara Morris went up to the Paul Bunyon Lumberjack Festival in Rumford, Maine to see if she could cut it as a lumberjack – though perhaps she was more of a lumberjill.