11.22.16: Hi, Anxiety, A #NoDAPL Map, & Overheard

Nov 22, 2016

Feeling anxious or worried is part of being human, but for those suffering from an anxiety disorder, even tackling mundane tasks can be debilitating...and isolating. Today, a look at the condition affecting an estimated 25 million Americans, generalized anxiety disorder, and how to manage it.

Plus, mapping DAPL - as clashes between law enforcement and protestors erupt near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, a new map offers new perspective on a long-running dispute.

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Hi, Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point - it's part of the human condition. Maybe it's a big presentation at work that has your stomach in knots, or your heart starts pounding in anticipation of a touchy conversation...kind of normal. But for an estimated 25 million people affected by generalized anxiety disorders, even making a phone call can be debilitating.  Trying to get out of the house in the morning can set off frightening physical responses like shortness of breath, and forget trying to sleep. The overwhelming fear response associated with generalized anxiety disorder isn't rational or explicable, but holds the dubious distinction of being the most frequently diagnosed mental illness in the US.

Kat Kinsman is senior food and drinks editor for Extra Crispy, a website devoted to all things breakfast. She is a commentator and public speaker on the topics of food and mental health. Her new book Hi, Anxiety: Life With a Bad Case of Nerves explores her own struggles with anxiety.

Tribes Reconnect to Food Tradition

Food traditions for many Native Americans come with a complicated history - the impact of forced relocations, uprooting tribes from ancestral lands and forcing them to improvise with government issued rations have resulted in a knotty culinary legacy, as well as increased rates of diabetes, obesity, and a surge of "food deserts." Producer Guy Hand went to the Coeur d'Alene reservation in northern Idaho to see how local food coalitions are responding to the problem.

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The seamless immersion of GPS and mapping technology into everyday life has stripped glove compartments bare nationwide of real, physical maps. And without them, our superpowers of navigation have atrophied. Even cartographers have long moved from hand-drawn maps to those devoid completely of any human touch.

So try and understand cartographer and grad student, Carl Sack's disappointment when he couldn't find a single map to Standing Rock reservation, and instead relied on friend's hand-drawn sketch. He wrote about the experience and why everyone - even water protectors - deserve quality maps in his article A #NoDAPL Map.

Overheard: November 2016

And it's time for Overheard - our regular segment where we share the intriguing, moving, baffling, and frequently hilarious audio we come across. And we're going to kick off our zero-politics overheard edition with executive producer Maureen McMurray, senior producer Taylor Quimby, and host Virginia Prescott.