10.7.14: Big Brother In Your Car & Bob Odenkirk's New Book Of Essays

Oct 7, 2014

Credit InvisibleKid2007 via flickr Creative Commons

From dash cams to the EZ Pass lane, big brother is in our passenger seat, whether we realize it or not. But just how much are drivers being monitored? And who is benefiting from the surveillance? On today’s show, the future of car surveillance.

Then, a conversation with actor and comedian, Bob Odenkirk. While many know him as strip mall lawyer Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, he has achieved near cult status for his contributions to sketch comedy. We’ll discuss his storied career, the legacy of Mr. Show, and his debut collections of essays, A Load of Hooey.

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Big Brother is in Your Car

  • Jamie Page Deaton of US News and World Report "Best Cars" tells us about the latest in surveillance technology that's cropping up in cars. You can read her article on the subject here: "How Big Brother Gets in Your Car".

What Happens When a Camera Photographs Your License Plate

  • You’re driving your car down a street and as you pass, a camera takes a photo of your license plate. Who is taking the photo and what are they doing with the information? Producer Cyrus Farivar has the story.
  • You can listen to this story at PRX.org.

All About That Bass

  • Bass players, at least in rock bands, don’t often get the spotlight, the long jam solo or the groupies. They should see more love now, though, thanks to some new research looking into how the brain detects rhythm. As Todd Bookman reports, those low tones are made to carry a beat.

The Unusual Allure of Watching HGTV

Bob Odenkirk: A Load of Hooey

  • Long before becoming a Hollywood “face”, Bob Odenkirk reached near cult status for his contributions to the world of sketch comedy. First as a writer for Saturday Night Live, then, The Ben Stiller Show, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, and most devotedly, as co-creator of Mr. Show with fellow comedian, David Cross. Virginia talked to him about his new book, A Load of Hooey, from Mc Sweeney's.