10.14.14: Is John Oliver A Journalist & Inside The Doge Meme

Oct 14, 2014

Former Daily Show reporter John Oliver’s fake news show on HBO is bucking the odds: diving deep into stories that aren’t in the headlines, and climbing in the ratings. On today’s show, what happens when comedy meets investigative journalism ?

Then, A-list DJs appear to live in the top tier of fabulousness. Jet-setting to giant clubs and VIP parties. We’ll get the inside view from Juan MacLean, an international star living quietly in Dover, NH.

Listen to the full show:

John Oliver: The Journalist?

Here's John Oliver talking about the Miss America Pageant.

Ikea Hacking

  • If you’ve ever purchased a set of shelves from Ikea, you know the drill: simply follow the assembly directions, and a few hours, and­­­--perhaps tantrums--later, you’ll wind up with a set of reasonably priced and reasonably sturdy shelves. But what happens if you don’t follow the script? 99% Invisible’s Roman Mars enters the world of Ikea-hacking.
  • You can listen to this story and see photos of some hacks at 99percentinvisible.org.

Inside the Doge Meme

The Juan MacLean

  • John MacLean is a DJ, producer, electronic musician and the creative force behind The Juan MacLean with Nancy Whang. Their third album, In A Dream, has just been released and is getting a lot of love from music critics.
  • You can see videos and read more at this link.