10.13.14: How Actors Create Characters & Five Billion Years Of Solitude

Oct 13, 2014

Credit Sara Robertson via flickr Creative Commons

As the air grows colder, we leave behind the hot summer blockbusters, and move to more serious films, many of which will be vying heavily for award show attention. On today’s show we go behind the spotlight to examine the art of how actors create characters. Then, we’ll explore the next frontier: exo-solar planets.  The search for planets outside our solar system – with the idea that discovering one just like ours – is a real possibility.

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Anatomy of an Actor

"So-And-So Is Typing"

Five Billion Years of Solitude

  • Science journalist Lee Billings writes about the fate of our planet, and the scientists on the leading edge of identifying whether there are planets just like ours out there in the cosmos. He’s on the line to talk about his book Five Billion Years of Solitude.

Deep Sound

  • The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is currently home to a scientist who, in 2009, tried to record something no human ear had ever heard. He built a glass pod, filled it with hydrophones (underwater microphones), and sent it down to the deepest part of the ocean, the Mariana Trench. Producer Annie McEwen brings us the story.
  • You can listen to the story at PRX.org.