10.1.14: Is Kindness A Virtue In Surgeons & The Evolution Of The House Key

Oct 1, 2014

Credit Phalinn Ooi via flickr Creative Commons

Surgery requires years of education, steady hands, extreme confidence, and…kindness? On today's show we ask: when it comes to being a good surgeon, does bedside manner matter? We'll also look into the growing digital house key market and the complicated math behind queue design.

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Is Kindness A Virtue In Surgeons?

  • Wen Shen is a surgeon specializing in endocrinology at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. He argues, in Pacific Standard’s medical issue, that the quest to create a kinder surgeon, though admirable, may not be very good for our health.

Evolution of the House Key

  • Can you imagine never having to worry about losing your keys again? This reality may not be far away. We talk to New York Times writer Steven Kurutz about his recent exploration into the expanding digital house key market.


  • Roman Mars' radio show 99% Invisible takes a unique look at the complicated mathematics of the humble queue.
  • You can listen to the story at this link.