10-Minute Writer's Workshop: Victoria (V.E.) Schwab | New Hampshire Public Radio

10-Minute Writer's Workshop: Victoria (V.E.) Schwab

Feb 22, 2017

Victoria Schwab... V.E. Schwab... V... the author's name depends on her audience, which, like the dark worlds she builds, is a well-thought out design.

Ms. Schwab, we'll say, burst onto the scene in 2011 with The Near Witch. A dozen books later, adult, young adult and middle grade readers have followed her into supernatural worlds, sinister scenarios and richly formed fantasy worlds.

A self-described pagan, Victoria managed to survive a happy, independent childhood, with a morbid streak.  "I definitely hung my teddy bears from the stair railing, execution-style,” she told Book Page. That slightly twisted imagination has served her well, and she continues to build speculative worlds and cutthroat characters that probe the human capacity to be monstrous to each other - and to the natural world.

Her newest novel, A Conjuring of Light, is part three and the culmination of the Shades of Magic  fantasy series.  We reached her at her home in Nashville via Skype.