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Judicial Nominees Remain A Touchy Subject After Rejection Of Sununu's Supreme Court Pick

NHPR Staff

It's been seven weeks since the Executive Council voted on party lines to reject Governor Sununu's nomination of Attorney General Gordon MacDonald to be Chief Justice of New Hampshire's Supreme Court. And councilors say Governor Sununu hasn't indicated his plan to fill the vacancy to lead what is now a four member court.

Republican Russ Prescott, who supported MacDonald's nomination, asked Sununu to share more information about his judicial selection commission.

"We do not have impartial judges and we do not have an impartial judiciary unless we are impartial ourselves," Prescott said.

Sununu told the council he has confidence in the integrity of his commission, which is led by former GOP congressman and state supreme court justice Chuck Douglas, but he said sharing information about the council's work will be the council's call.

"We can ask them for what information they want to provide in terms of their process, but it is a very independent group," Sununu said.

Meanwhile, Democrats on the council say their efforts to talk to Sununu about the judicial nomination process have been rebuffed.

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