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N.H. House Is Getting Slightly Younger

Dan Tuohy/NHPR

The New Hampshire House will be slightly younger when the new legislative session starts next month. But the chamber remains dominated by members above the age of 60.

According to the new numbers released by the House Clerk this week, about one of 4 members of the New Hampshire House is over the age of 70, but even so the legislature's average age is dropping.

It will be 61 this session, a year younger that it was last session, and 5 years younger than it was the session before that.

Clerk Paul Smith says he's not sure the trend means much, but says the election of more middle aged members appears to be driving the change.  

"This session the 50 to 59 range is a little higher, the 40 to 49 range -- those two groups are a little higher. Our highest groups is the 60 to 69 with 157 members."

The youngest state lawmaker is 19, the oldest is 92.

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