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Sununu Sees No Problem With Mandating Anti-Harassment Training for Lawmakers

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu says he wouldn’t have a problem with requiring state lawmakers to undergo anti-harassment training, at least in theory.

“As a former employer in the private sector and a governor and someone who has an office and a staff here, you always want to provide the training and the services, make people aware of what’s out there, what some of the issues might be,” Sununu said Wednesday. “What’s appropriate in the workplace, what’s appropriate even out of the workplace.”

"The workplace is a big part of our lives," the governor added, "and we have to make sure that we’re there as a tool and resource as these issues come up. So, if they want to take that up in the Legislature, I think it’s a great idea."

Right now, New Hampshire legislators are merely encouraged, but not forced, to undergo such training. When State House leaders organized a program on the issue last month, only about 10 percent of the Legislature showed up.

Since then, a group of Democrats have drafted a bill that would make such training mandatory for all House and Senate members, as well as State House staff.

While Sununu said he hadn’t seen that specific proposal, he said if lawmakers passed such a measure he would support it.

“Most workplaces have similar policies in place,” the governor said, “and the State House is a workplace.”

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