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One Vote Margin Leads To Recount On Keno In Rochester

Courtesy of the N.H. Lottery Commission

Rochester officials will be hosting a recount next week on the passage of the electronic gambling game Keno.

Last week voters in the city approved Keno by just one vote.

State Rep. Matt Scruton of Rochester has been leading the charge on this.

He helped gather the required signatures from the public and  paid the $25 recount fee.

Scruton said he was shocked when Keno passed and said  he hasn’t heard from anyone in the community who wants it.

“I don’t think that New Hampshire needs gambling – especially Keno, a very addictive form of gambling and hurts those that often need the money the most," he said.

Although the Republican lawmaker is against Keno,  he says the recount is for clarity purposes.

“There’s no indication of any foul play," he said. "When anything passes by the margin of one vote – voters will question whether or not there has been a missed ballot, so the responsible thing to do is request a recount.”

Scruton is also sponsoring a bill next session to repeal Keno. So far Keno, has been approved in seven other cities statewide.

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