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Blue Vs. Red: N.H. Republicans, Democrats to Face Off in Softball Game for a Good Cause


New Hampshire lawmakers from opposite sides of the political aisle will face off Saturday during the state’s first legislative softball game.

All proceeds from the event will go to help homeless veterans.
The game will take place at noon in Merrimack. Each team, one of Republicans, the other Democrats, has about 20 players on the roster and will be sporting their party’s respective colors.

Rep. Mike Moffett of Loudon helped plan the event. He says both teams have been practicing but the overall goal is to raise money and have fun.

“Well we are pretty old – our average age is probably high of 50, so the only guarantee is that somebody will get hurt," Moffett said laughing. "We have an ambulance there on call and we have a couple of doctors.”

“I think the importance of this game is to show folks that we can work together in a bi-partisan fashion for a common goal that everyone agrees on, which is helping homeless veterans. I just see it as a win-win-win," he said.

So far the lawmakers have raised $7,000 and are hoping in the end to give Liberty House in Manchester a check for $10,000.

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