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Election Law Committee Chair: Bill Ensures Integrity of N.H.'s Voting Process

Allegra Boverman for NHPR
Voters in Windham

House lawmakers are set to vote Thursday on a Republican-sponsored bill that would stiffen residency requirements for voters who register in the month before an election. Under the bill, those voters would be required to provide additional documentation to show where they live and that they intend to stay in the state.

Republican Barbara Griffin is chair of the House Election Law Committee, which is recommending the bill’s passage. Speaking to NHPR’s Morning Edition, Griffin says the bill ensures the integrity of the voting process.

"So when you're talking about multiple elections every year, hundreds of elections every year, and races that are decided by less than ten votes routinely, I would suggest to you that any fraud is not acceptable."

Democrats have criticized the bill, saying it’s unnecessary, and could create barriers for otherwise eligible voters.

Governor Chris Sununu has said he will sign the bill into law, should it reach his desk.

Listen to the full interview with Griffin here:

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