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Kuster Focuses on Sexual Violence in N.H. This Week

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

U.S. Congresswoman Annie Kuster has been in New Hampshire this week, spreading awareness around sexual violence. Her last stop is Friday in Pelham.

After talking with advocates, victims and health care workers around the state, Congresswoman Kuster says she has a lot of new ideas to bring back to D.C. with her. She says some of what struck her the most, came from the stories she heard.

“Not only is this much more common than people realize but it’s happening at a much younger age than I think people are aware,” Kuster said.

One in four women in New Hampshire has reported being sexually assaulted. For men, it’s one in 20. Kuster is one of those women. As a college student, she was sexually assaulted at Dartmouth.

Back in Washington, Kuster will be leading a bi-partisan task force focused on ending sexual violence.

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