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Sununu Remains Positive About Budget Process Despite Disarray in House

Allegra Boverman

Governor Chris Sununu says he is optimistic about the state budget writing process, despite the recent failure by House Republicans to pass their version of the spending plan.

Earlier this week, conservative Republicans in the House refused to sign off on a budget crafted by GOP leadership. It’s the first time the House has failed to pass a budget in decades.

But Governor Sununu rejected the idea that state Republicans are anything but unified. He said the episode was just one step in the process, which now heads to the Senate.

“I’m going to be working with the Senate President and the House members who want to still come in and put good ideas on the table. There’s a lot of opportunity for that," said Sununu, who added, "we’ll get something done, so we’re still very optimistic that we’re going to have not just a budget done, but a great budget.”

A final budget version of the state budget is due by June 30.

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