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What Would You Ask Sen. Kelly Ayotte?

Allegra Boverman, NHPR

With just a little over a week until the election, what questions do you still have for Sen. Kelly Ayotte? Let us know, and you could get an answer during our candidate forum with her on Monday.

Ayotte, a Republican incumbent running to hold onto her seat representing New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate, will join NHPR as part of our ongoing series of "Conversations with the Candidates" leading up to Nov. 8.

We talked to her Democratic challenger, Gov. Maggie Hassan, a few weeks ago — you can hear the full conversation here. You can also go here to check out some of the questions audience members asked us to ask Hassan during the forum.

Use the form below to let us know what you'd like to ask Ayotte. All questions are welcome, political or personal or policy-related or otherwise. What we really want to know is what's important to you this election season, particularly if you haven't heard it addressed anywhere else.

The full conversation with Ayotte will air live on Facebook at 10:30 a.m. Monday. It will be rebroadcast on The Exchange Monday at 8 p.m. and Tuesday at 9 a.m.