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N.H. Senate This Week to Cover State Testing, Guns & Needle Exchange

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

The New Hampshire Senate returns this week with another loaded agenda. Meanwhile the House will have its hands full weighing in on dozens of Senate bills in committee.

The Senate on Thursday has more than 30 bills to get through. 

One seeks to repeal the state’s license requirement to carry a concealed firearm. It’s looking like it will pass but a similar measure also passed the legislature last year and was then vetoed by Gov. Maggie Hassan.

The Senate will also weigh in on another proposal that Hassan vetoed last session. This bill would allow parents to opt their kids out of statewide assessment tests. But based on the committee report, the bill doesn’t seem to have the legs to pass.

Lastly, after postponing the vote last week, the Senate will be voting on a bill regarding needle exchange programs. The original bill sought to legalize these programs, as well as decriminalize heroin residue on dirty syringes, but a Senate committee reduced the bill to a mere study commission – saying the idea needed more work.

The full House will not be meeting until Next Wednesday.


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