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Map: 2016 Candidate Campaign Offices in N.H.

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will open two new campaign offices in New Hampshire this weekend: one in Portsmouth, the other in Manchester. According to the campaign, that brings Sanders' Granite State offices to four. 

(Scroll down to see the map.)

Four offices isn't shabby -- but it pales in comparison to Sanders' fellow Democrat, Hillary Clinton, who has eight campaign offices across the state. Throw in Martin O'Malley's two office fronts, and the Democratic candidates for president are renting 14 offices this campaign cycle. And those locations span the state, including addresses in Berlin, Lebanon and Keene.

Republicans, on the other hand, have yet to grab as much New Hampshire real estate, at least so far. Eight of the GOP candidates have one office each across the state -- all in Manchester. 

While campaigns love to brag whenever they open a new office in the state, these locations serve several practical purposes too. They offer a spot for staffers and volunteers to meet, a location for phone-banking and other get-out-the-vote activities, and a place where locals can pick up campaign literature.

Campaign offices are also a physical manifestation of a candidate's commitment to the state or a particular region. Between rents and staffing expenses, office space can be among the most expensive items on a campaign's expense report. Candidates with far-flung office addresses are trying to telegraph their intention to compete for votes across New Hampshire, not just the vote-rich Southern Tier. 

Map: 2016 Candidate Offices in New Hampshire