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Donchess and Williams Emerge Atop Nashua Mayoral Primary

C Hanchey via Flickr CC

Nashua city officials announced the top two vote getters among six candidates in yesterday’s mayoral primary.

Alderman-at-large and former mayor Jim Donchess and former Nashua Chamber president Chris Williams topped the ticket in a mayoral primary that drew a little more than 20 percent of Nashua’s 50,000 registered voters.

Donchess was in first place with 4,179 votes, about 1500 more than Williams. Alderman-at-Large David Deane garnered a third place with 1,968 votes.

Nashua’s mayoral primary was its first in eight years. It was also the first primary in the state to ask voters without identification to sign affidavits and have their pictures taken before casting their ballots.

The primary also attracted attention for its unprecedented levels of fundraising. Both Donchess and Williams reported more than six figures in donations.

The two will battle for the corner office in November.

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