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Senators Ayotte and Shaheen React to Iran Nuclear Deal

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New Hampshire’s US Senators say they’re going to carefully review the details of the nuclear deal announced today between Iran and several world powers.

In a statement, Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte calls the deal quote “an historic capitulation,” saying it lacks the ability to make sure Iran complies with the terms of the deal.

Democrat Jeanne Shaheen says she’s also concerned about how to keep Iran honest, but she’s less critical of the deal.

“The fact is, we’re going to know more about the Iranian nuclear program as a result of any agreement than we know now and so we’re going to be better positioned to respond to that, and at the end of whatever period that the agreement takes, we still have the options we have now—to take military action.”

President Barack Obama is now seeking congressional approval of the deal. He says the landmark nuclear deal with Iran quote “is not built on trust, it is built on verification.” 

Obama threatened to veto any congressional legislation that would seek to block implementation of the agreement, which Congress now has 60 days to review.

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