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Jeb Bush Tests 2016 Talking Points In N.H.

Paige Sutherland for NHPR
Bush Arrives at Saint Anselm

Jeb Bush headlined Politics and Eggs this morning at St. Anselm College in Manchester. During the former Florida Governor's two-day trip to the Granite State, he also attended a Politics and Pie in Concord Thursday.

Bush says if elected President he would fix the country's "troubled" education system, strengthen relationships with our allies abroad and do a better job of controlling the border while streamlining legal immigration. Bush also told the crowd that besides the country's current shortfalls, he is optimistic but calls for immediate change.

Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR
Jeb Bush signs eggs for people before the event.

“We have to fix how we tax, how we regulate, fix a broken immigration system, challenge the orthodoxy of a broken education system, challenge the notion that somehow our entitlement system can stay how it is, all of those things, if we fix them, this will be an extraordinary time to live in America,” he told voters Friday.

And one thing Bush did make sure to do – was to separate himself from the political dynasty that is his family, particularly when it comes to foreign policy:

“That is far different from the 90s that is far different from the early 2000s, this is what we confront now, so getting into the differences between previous presidents is particularly relevant,” he told reporters, adding that the situation abroad is drastically different than when his father or brother where in the White House.

Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR
Many potential presidential candidates such as Republicans Scott Walker and Ted Cruz have starred at a Politics and Eggs event so far this year.

Darrell Philpot of Nashua says the fact that Bush’s wife is Mexican will already set him apart from his kin if he is elected president.

“So, he brings a twist to life that his brother, his dad, didn’t. So, he has more of a realization of the United States of a melting pot,” Philpot said after the event.

Bush has yet to reveal when he might decide whether to seek the Republican nomination but says it will be soon. Friday evening he will be speaking at the Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua along with nearly 20 other potential candidates.

You can follow reporter Paige Sutherland on Twitter at @psutherlandNHPR

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