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Hassan's Inaugural Donors List Will Be Made Available, Bradley Calls For Mandatory Disclosure


Governor Maggie Hassan’s inaugural committee says it’s raised more than $200,000 dollars. State law permits such donations to remain private but a spokesman for the committee says the names and contribution amounts will be made available.

State law has never required the disclosure of inauguration donors, but one governor – John Lynch -- took the step of filing reports with the secretary of state’s office anyway.

Governor Hassan isn’t going that far but will provide a list of donors and donor amounts to media outlets that seek it, says Inaugural Committee Director Marc Goldberg.

“She has consistently supported disclosure requirements for all numbers of activity but mainly related to political activity. There is no political activity connected to the inaugural fund, but as we said we are happy to be disclose the contributors.”

Senate majority leader Jeb Bradley says it ought to be mandatory for governor's inaugural committees to  file financial disclosures with the secretary of state just like political committees.

“Not to say anything about any current governor, Governor Hassan, Governor Lynch, who I understand did disclose everything – kudos to him -- but it probably should be required, not probably, should be required."

Inauguration committee money pays for the inaugural celebration but can also be used to pay for official functions of the governor’s office, like staff training and travel expenses.

Tickets for Hassan's inaugural ball start at $100. A solicitation sent to prospective donors include 7 sponsorship levels, ranging from "Friend" at $1000 to "Granite Host," at $50,000.

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