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In Second Term, Hassan Faces GOP-Led Legislature, Executive Council

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

With her re-election now behind her, Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan’s second term comes with the challenge of working with a Republican-led Legislature and Executive Council.

During her campaign with Republican Walt Havenstein, Hassan often said her opponent’s fiscal policies would take the state back to the "devastating Bill O’Brien era."

With Republicans taking control of the House Tuesday, the governor may now have to work with the former House speaker, should he reclaim the post.

Speaking Wednesday in front of the Statehouse, Hassan said it’s time to move past any attacks she made in the heat of the campaign.

“Elections really do focus on distinctions. Governing is about finding common ground. I’m willing to work with anybody who is willing to work with me and other legislators in both parties. It does take two to have a bipartisan approach.”

Further complicating things for Hassan will be a 3-2 GOP majority on the Executive Council, after Republican David Wheeler claimed retiring Democrat Deb Pignatelli’s seat Tuesday.

The council must OK the governor’s appointments to head state agencies, as well as any judicial nominations and major state contracts.

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