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Shaheen: May Have Missed Meetings But Still Informed About Terrorism

Chris Jensen

Senator Jeanne Shaheen says she may have missed some meetings of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee but she is working against terrorism...

According to an article in the Boston Herald during this Congressional session Shaheen has missed 11 of the 30 meetings at which the committee published a report.

But Shaheen says it is wrong to conclude that she has been derelict and isn’t engaged in efforts to combat threats such as ISIS.

“You know, as Scott Brown knows, having served in the Senate there are a lot of hearings that go on at the same time. Armed Services. Foreign Relations. Appropriations. I serve on all three of those committees. 

They all meet very much with an overlapping schedule. There are other issues going on, meetings going on at the same time. 

“I have participated in sixteen classified briefings on terrorism in Syria and Iraq including ISIS. I have raised concerns about ISIS going as far back as March.”

Shaheen was in Berlin Friday afternoon.