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Senate Democrats Outline Priorities

Senate Democrats say job creation and infrastructure investment are at the top of their to do lists, as the legislative session gets under way.

At a press conference held Thursday in Concord, Democratic Senators gathered to announce that job creation would be at the top of their list of priorities. Senator Sylvia Larsen says it’s one issue she thinks the two parties can agree on right off the bat. Larsen says she thinks Senate Republicans and Democrats can work together to double the Research and Development tax credit for New Hampshire businesses.

The Democrats also emphasized investment in infrastructure, like roads and bridges. This one, Larsen says, is a tougher issue to agree on.

We know we have failing bridges, we know we have roads that are dramatically in need of repair and work, as well as communities that are asking for support in that, so the issue of the gas tax and whether a fee on auto registration is a way to go, there are many options there.

Also at the press conference, Senator Peggy Gilmore spoke about investing in education to build the workforce, while Senator Donna Soucy emphasized the need to have a balanced budget.