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Democrats Move To Ban Guns In N.H. House


The rules committee of the New Hampshire House has voted to reinstate a ban on guns in the House chamber.The vote on proposed house rules followed party lines. It came after a lengthy, and at times personal debate.  Democrat Gary Richardson of Hopkinton is the House’s Majority Floor Leader.

"I am a gun owner with a permit, but I do not think it’s appropriate to have people in the gallery with guns and with fourth grade students."

Top House Republicans, meanwhile, say the proposed ban, which basically reinstates a policy that had stood for decades but was lifted by republicans two years ago, amounts to a knee-jerk reaction.  Pam Tucker represents Greenland.

"The one person up in the gallery carrying a gun sees that there are 20 people on the house floor looking back at them down the scopes of their gun might dissuade them from shooting."

This gun ban will need approval of the full House to take effect.  With a democratic majority that’s a near certainty. But Republicans say they plan to fight the proposed change hard when it goes to a full House vote on January 2nd.