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Visitors Assail Biden, Ryan

Rudy Giuliani came to NH campaign for GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith. But the former NY mayor also took aim at Vice President Joe Biden. In particular Biden’s recent comment to an audience in Virginia that Romney would “unchain Wall street and put y’all back in chains.”

“He’s making this absurd, almost obscene comment, that these people, half of whom are African-American are going to be back in chains if Romeny and Ryan are elected. Well, this is not right.”

Democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, meanwhile, was in the state to focus on Paul Ryan. At one stop, Van Hollen addressed seniors standing behind a sign that read, Ryan: Yes to millionaires, No to Medicare.

“The Ryan Budget essentially takes us back to the days of trickle-down economics, we tried this during the Bush administration.”

Van Hollen was campaigning alongside second district Congressional candidate Ann McLane Kuster.