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Gingrich Ready to Move On to South Carolina


Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich wants to put New Hampshire in the rear view mirror.

His followers are already looking forward to South Carolina.

Gingrich supporter Warren Kindler from Epping isn’t surprised that Gingrich didn’t fare well in New Hampshire. 

Kindler: Mitt’s had a long time to campaign in New Hampshire he’s very well known, he’s fairly well liked he’s a neighboring ex-governor, former governor

But for Kindler, and for many of Gingrich’s stalwarts, the real fight begins in South Carolina, where a pro-Gingrich  group has bought $3.2 million worth of negative ads.

Kindler: This is a warm-up, and Newt is warming up, and he didn’t want to but they forced him to take his gloves off and I don’t think they’re really gonna like the way he plays now.

Gingrich ended the night in a near tie for fourth place with Rick Santorum.