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Morse Pushes for Casinos

A top lawmaker says New Hampshire should move quickly to support the construction of two casinos in the state. The call comes after Massachusetts has adopted a new casino gambling bill.

Senate Finance Chair Chuck Morse does not want to see an opportunity pass New Hampshire by.

In a statement the Senator said New Hampshire’s competitive advantage over Massachusetts is now threatened.

Morse urged lawmakers to pass legislation that would create two casinos in the state, adding that it would bring thousands of jobs to the economy.

Steve Norton, with the Center for Public Policy Studies says it’s not clear how fast New Hampshire must respond.

"The bill that Deval Patrick just signed into law doesn’t create a casino. It creates a process for communities and the commission to identify areas of the state where they would put one in.”

Norton says if Massachusetts places a casino south of Boston, Salem, New Hampshire would remain an attractive destination for expanded gambling.