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House Calls for Vote on Lynch Ammendment

 House Speaker Bill O’Brien has called for a vote on the education funding amendment backed by Governor Lynch.

Speaker O’Brien’s move breaks with tradition of holding public hearings on serious education funding amendment proposals.

House leadership did invite the Governor to present his plan, the governor declined.

O’Brien says the chamber is likely to vote on a plan passed by the Senate the same day they take up the governor’s.

The speaker says he wants to break up what he calls the ‘log jam’ of competing constitutional amendments.

“Our hope is to deal with them in the session. If the members of the House support the governor’s solution, if not, then let’s set it aside.”

Many House Republicans oppose Lynch’s amendment on the grounds that it preserves court oversight and gives the state too much power to establish standards.

Democrats denounced the move, saying the decision locks out the public from testifying on the plan.