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Civics 101 Launches New Season: Life Stages


The practical role government plays in every stage of a citizen’s life—from birth to death—is the theme of the next season of Civics 101. Beginning Tuesday, April 9, the award-winning podcast from New Hampshire Public Radio will present six original episodes under the theme of “Life Stages.

Hosts Nick Capodice and Hannah McCarthy explore the many ways that the government interacts with citizens, including:

  • Why do we have birth certificates?
  • What rights do students have in school?
  • Why do couples need a marriage license?

Historians, civics teachers, reporters and former office holders will be featured throughout the episodes, sharing their perspectives on the intersections between government and the daily lives of U.S. citizens.
“When we think of government and civics, we often just think of voting and politicians, but the government plays an intimate role in every major stage of life,” said Erika Janik, Executive Producer of Civics 101. “We wanted to explore all the ways the U.S. government influences daily life—whether we realize it or not.”

Episodes will available for download each Tuesday starting April 9. The full schedule is below:

Birth: Tuesday, April 9

How did Social Security numbers come to be used? Why does everyone get a birth certificate? The government is part of Americans’ lives from their very first breath—Capodice and McCarthy find out why.

School: Tuesday, April 16

Just about every kid has asked, “Do I have to go to school?” Well, do you? This episode delves into the education system and offers a new perspective on government’s impact on the formative years—focusing on the rights students have in school, the laws surrounding education standards, and how much schooling is required by law.

Work: Tuesday, April 23

Taxes and unemployment are on the docket as Capodice and McCarthy talk to experts to determine how the government plays a role in every career path.

Marriage: Tuesday, April 30

A license to wed may not be the most romantic part of marriage, but it’s the only lawful way to go about it—the Civics 101 team explains why.

Retirement: Tuesday, May 7

It’s never too early to plan for retirement—nor too early to understand how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security work and came to be.

Death: Tuesday, May 15

It may seem like the government follows Americans to the grave—but what does the government have to say about what happens to you in death? Capodice and McCarthy explore burial laws, funeral rights, wills, and probate.  


Listen to Civics 101 wherever you subscribe to podcasts, or find every episode online at civics101podcast.org. Navigate to the site’s “Education” menu to find educational activities, worksheets, quizzes and more. Follow Civics 101 on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook: @civics101pod.

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