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Rebecca Lavoie

Director, Audience & Engagement

Rebecca oversees several teams responsible for growing, diversifying, and engaging with NHPR's audience across broadcast and digital platforms.

In 2010, Rebecca made the transition to radio from her career as a writer. The co-author of five nonfiction true crime books, she has also written for publications including the Concord Monitor, New Hampshire Magazine, Newsweek, and Playboy Magazine

Rebecca is also the host of her own hit podcast, Crime Writers On…, on which she moderates a panel discussing other podcasts, pop culture, true crime, and journalism, as well as the host of the Netflix podcast, You Can't Make This Up.

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On the air

Jan 10, 2012

NHPR's Brady Carlson is on the air with NPR Political Junkie Ken Rudin, and Dante Scala from the University of New Hampshire. 

Kevin Flynn for NHPR

Field producer Kevin Flynn snapped this photo of a button being worn by supporters at Rick Santorum's camp tonight. With nearly half of the precincts reporting, Santorum is in fifth place with 10% of the vote.


Jan 10, 2012
(Photo by Rebecca Lavoie, NHPR)

Tune in all evening for our broadcast during this New Hampshire Primary. In the studio with Laura Knoy, NPR Political Junkie Ken Rudin, and Dante Scala from the University of New Hampshire's Carsey Institute. 

All hands on deck

Jan 10, 2012
Photo by Rebecca Lavoie for NHPR

NPR's Political Junkie Ken Rudin is on hand tonight to provide insight and analysis. You can follow him on Twitter at @KenRudin, and let us know your questions for him on our NHPR Facebook page, or @NHPR on Twitter. 

Photo by Mockstar via Flickr Creative Commons

In this latest podcast from the series Feet in Two WorldsLa Opinion's Pilar Marrero and freelance journalist Valeria Fernandez talk about the mood and opinions of Latino immigrants on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary. 

For those who revel in political swag and campaign catering, the New Hampshire primary is a perfect opportunity to socialize with like-minded supporters and bathe in the glow of national media.  But for many others, politics are a private affair – that is until you receive a pre-recorded via the home phone - usually, right around dinner time.

Never Too Late to Watch Cool TV

Jan 4, 2012
Photo by Lubs Mary, courtesy of Flickr creative commons

Ever overhear a watercooler conversation about the latest episode of the latest TV show that everyone’s watching, except you? Well, fear not. As it turns out, even the most buzzed about television shows are not being watched by the masses at least not in real time. Audiences for premium cable programs like True Blood and Dexter draw only a couple million viewers when they hit the air compare that with the old network giants, like ER or Friends, which played to ten or fifteen million viewers each week.

Photo by: drafthorsedressage

While taking a break from the online portion of my Christmas shopping the other day, I discovered a colorful conversation ballooning on Facebook about a disgruntled minority that isn’t part of the 99 percent. That is, the overwhelming percent of all Christmas chores thought, bought and wrapped by the women of the household. This, of course, was not a conversation backed by facts or data, but an informal survey based more likely on the spirit of Christmas exhaustion.

Word of Mouth for November 5th, 2011: Part 4

Nov 5, 2011
(Photo by Laughing Squid via Flickr Creative Commons)

Author Richard Asma explains why we're afraid of monsters.  And what to do when the zombie apocalypse happens (because it SO will).  

(Photo by betta design via Flickr Creative Commons)

Today's story on resurrected proteins developed by Australian scientists to fight superbugs pointed to the wallaby as the source for their idea. You see, when that teeny wallaby baby climbes into its mother's pouch to finish cooking, that pouch is a pretty icky place...sort of like if we put our preemies to bed on used kitchen sponges. So the wallaby, as it turns out, has some genes for super-immunity that go far back in evolution..we're talking tens of MILLIONS of years back.

Thanks, @JohnSellers, for blowing my mind. While responding to his Twitter confession of his former Wham! love with my own (somewhat current) Wham! love, I asked the only logical question, #WhateverHappenedtoAndrewRidgely ??

Well, tweeted @JohnSellers, here's what happened: (see photo)

Looks like someone's ready to be our father figure, no?

Thanks, @JohnSellers!


I'm still standing.

A few months ago, we aired a segment with this super smart guy who basically said that sitting down all day is killing us...literally. I don't want to die. So I decided to try standing at work, using this incredibly snazzy standing workstation I borrowed from a company called Ergotron.

A few months ago, we aired a segment with this super smart guy who basically said that sitting down all day is killing us...literally. I don't want to die. So I decided to try standing at work, using this incredibly snazzy standing workstation I borrowed from a company called Ergotron.

It's only day one...and to be fair, it took Taylor Quimby quite a while to put this thing together.

Word of Mouth intern Hanna Goldberg is smart, sassy, funny, and exceedingly stylish...and those are just a few of the reasons I'm totally jealous of her. So when she got the chance to interview one of her favorite musicians, John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats, I did what any nurturing and supportive mentor would do...made it as scary as possible.

Be afraid, especially if you're wearing a red shirt.

Starting next week, we'll be debuting occasional content from our brand new beat, The William Shatner Desk. Why, you may ask? Well, if you have to ask, just watch this, and it will all become clear:

How could we not embark on this worthy endeavor? Wouldn't you if you could?

So, there's that