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Josh has worked at NHPR since 2000 and serves as NHPR’s State House reporter. Before joining the staff, he lived in New York, where he worked for a number of different magazines.

Josh’s award winning reporting can be heard locally but also regularly airs on national broadcasts of NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Josh is also a frequent analyst on political talk shows in the state. He grew up in Concord, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Reed College.


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The state's top lottery official is warning lawmakers that New Hampshire could lose millions if it doesn't prevail in its lawsuit against the federal government. 

The issue hinges on a new interpretation of the federal wire act.

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The state Senate narrowly voted Thursday to allow two casinos to operate in New Hampshire. The surprise move by a well-known gambling advocates follows the New Hampshire House voting to allow up to 10 sports betting facilities.

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Democrat Beto O'Rourke is wrapping up his first visit to New Hampshire since joining the race for President.

After stopping by a packed Taqueria in Manchester, O'Rourke told reporters he's tried to learn from New Hampshire voters during his three days here.

"I'm trying to do my best and I know that the people of New Hampshire are doing their best," he said. "They take this responsibility as the first primary state very seriously. And so many have said I expect to see you back, I have more questions for you. I'll look forward to answering them."

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New Hampshire is a step closer to allowing betting on sports. A plan to authorize up to 10 sites for sports betting easily cleared the New Hampshire House on Tuesday.

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Hundreds turned out for the House Finance Committee's public hearing Monday on the state budget. Carol Conforti-Adams, who uses a wheelchair because of a car accident, told lawmakers the state needs to increase Medicaid rates to pay for home health aides.

"I am like an infant. I have personal care needs and I need someone to do them for me. But once I get in my chair, I hold three jobs."

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Some experienced state budget hands say they see no precedent for Governor Chris Sununu's push to earmark millions of state dollars toward local projects. As NHPR's Josh Rogers reports, a top Democratic budget writer says lawmakers will vet the proposals closely.

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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders brought his campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination back to New Hampshire this weekend. Sanders, who won the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary in a blowout, told voters they could make good on the promise of his longshot run four years ago.

It's Town Meeting season across New Hampshire, and Gov. Chris Sununu is weighing in on at least one local race. Sununu has endorsed a top staffer in his office in a bid for re-election to Salem's town budget committee.

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In a 22-2 vote, the New Hampshire Senate approved a bill Thursday to tighten rules for committees that cover inaugural expenses.

The call for new standards comes after Governor Sununu's inaugural committee paid out thousands to his family and top political advisor. 

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Back in January, when he was inaugurated, Governor Sununu urged all in Concord to embrace "a spirit of cooperation."

(Click here for NHPR's coverage and the text of Sununu's inaugural address.)

In a speech hosted by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce at St. Anselm College, Sununu struck a far sharper tone, calling some ideas being pushed by Democrats in Concord as "wacky."

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Lawmakers have yet to get the complete text of governor Chris Sununu's budget, but they’re already challenging some of the policy decisions Sununu made in his spending plan - including ending the practice of paying for school aid out of the education trust fund.

That fund was created as part of a broader change in how the state pays for public schools in response to Supreme Court rulings.

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Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar brought her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination to New Hampshire this past weekend, where she stressed the need to address issues ranging from economic inequality to health care and climate change.

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The state's top health official told legislative budget writers Thursday that he believes the Medicaid reimbursement rates included in Governor Sununu's proposed budget are sufficient.

But top demcorats say those rates need to be boosted to improve access to care for low-income Granite Staters.

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The Executive Council is delaying voting on contracts to manage the more than $900 million dollar state Medicaid program.

Right now, Wellsense and Centine manage the state's Medicaid program. This contract, which would pay the companies millions, would continue that though 2024, but also add a third provider, AmeriHealth Caritas.

Members of New Hampshire's Executive Council say they want more information before voting, particularly about AmeriHealth Caritas, which had been penalized by regulators in Iowa over its work on that state's Medicaid program.

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Gov. Chris Sununu will be front and center as he presents his state budget Thursday. With Democrats running the State House, the political landscape has changed for Sununu.

Something that hasn’t changed, though, is a familiar voice in his ear, coming from advisor Paul Collins. And while Collins operates largely behind the scenes, his service to the Sununu family goes back decades.

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Democrat Sherrod Brown spend most of his weekend in New Hampshire. As NHPR’s Josh Rogers reports, the Ohio Senator, who is positioning himself for presidential run, found receptive audiences across the state.

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Governor Chris Sununu is in Dubai this week, but his office is keeping the details of what he is doing there under wraps for now.

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California Congressman Adam Schiff, one of President Trump's most prominent critics on Capitol Hill, spoke at Politics and Eggs at Bedford Village Inn.

Schiff spoke at length about the dangers of authoritarianism, and the effect social media has on politics. But when the question about his plans for 2020 was put to the congressman, he was blunt.

"I'm not running."

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Democrats hoping for – or at least intrigued by – a potential Presidential run by former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke gathered in Concord  Wednesday.

The Draft Beto campaign launched on the heels of O’Rourke’s loss to Ted Cruz in a Texas U.S. Senate race. The loss was closer than expected. O’Rourke’s message of uplift and his social media skill helped him raise  $78 million.

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In Manchester, New Hampshire, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg told a packed room at St. Anselm College that President Trump was a failure in business and is a failure in government.

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Top state house Democrats want Governor Sununu to take executive action to supply unemployment benefits to N.H. workers affected by the federal shutdown. But the Governor's office says that would be risky.

Democratic leaders says passing laws to help federal workers would take weeks, but the Governor can act now.

"We urge Governor Sununu to leverage his close relationship with the current administration and to obtain clearance for New Hampshire to issue unemployment insurance to our own residents," said N.H. Senate President Donna Soucy.

About 2,400 local workers are affected by the shutdown, and 1,600 have been working without pay since the federal shutdown started in late December.

Senate President Donna Soucy and House Speaker Steve Shurtleff are eyeing legislation to pay such workers unemployment benefits. But Employment Security Commissioner George Copadis says states have been told not to do that.

"We've been advised by the feds, that if you pay these workers you will not be reimbursed. In addition, we'd be out of compliance, and I’m not sure what other ramifications would happen at that point."

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Governor Chris Sununu says he'll likely unveil his plan to establish a secure psychiatric unit outside of the state prison when he proposes his state budget next month. 

For 30 years the state's only secure psychiatric unit has been at the state prison, which means patients needing secure treatment from the state, have had to get it, behind prison walls.

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Bills to boost mental health services at local hospitals and hire staff at the state's child protection agency went before state senate committees Tuesday.

Democrats are prioritizing the bills, which spend about $13 million in state money. 

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State lawmakers are considering a bill that would bar candidates for secretary of state and treasurer from forming political committees.

The proposal is backed by the Secretary of State's office.

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Democrat Julian Castro used a speech at St. Anselm College Wednesday to call for sweeping changes in areas ranging from health care to the criminal justice system. It was Castro's first visit to New Hampshire since getting into the race for president.

The former San Antonio mayor and Obama administration official said one of his goals in running is restore the idea that all Americans count.

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When Elizabeth Warren hit the stage at Manchester Community College, in her first visit to New Hampshire since declaring her intent to run for president, she was quick to characterize her visit as an almost social call.

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A law that passed the year he was elected made Chris Sununu the first New Hampshire governor required to disclose the activities of his inaugural committee. And to hear Sununu tell it, that committee - the Sununu Inaugural Celebration, Inc. - has more than delivered when it comes to transparency.

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren told more than 400 people who gathered at Manchester Community College on Saturday that her life experience informs policy goals like lifting the minimum wage, making education more affordable, and increasing inheritance taxes to pay for affordable housing.

Warren argued that the country needs leadership committed to ensuring that what she called "the rules," aren’t tilted to benefit the wealthy and well-connected.

“Rules matter, rules made in Washington matter, and that’s why I’m in this fight, that’s it.”

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With overall state tax collections up $106 million over estimates, Legislative Budget Assistant Michael Kane told the New Hampshire lawmakers who will write the state's next two-year spending plan that they will start the process with a $95.8 million cushion.