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Small Batch Edition: 'Furious 7'

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Chris Klimek has appeared on Pop Culture Happy Hour a number of times, including the time he was our fourth chair for a chat about the Hugh Jackman robot-boxing movie Real Steel. Despite the fact that he's very knowledgeable regarding a number of non-punching fields (he's a theater critic! he writes for the magazine of the National Air and Space Museum!), we often make Chris discuss punching and vroom-vrooming and other similar things.

This week, Chris and I went to see Furious 7, which we had a feeling we'd enjoy seeing together since we enjoyed seeing Fast & Furious 6 together. (And Liam Neeson's Non-Stop. And Brick Mansions. You get the point.)

We did, in fact, enjoy Furious 7, as you will hear in this brief podcast chat about cars, swimsuits, fighting, The Rock, and the importance of doing nothing halfway.

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