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Gaza Conflict: Israel Begins Redeploying Troops

An Israeli drone circles over Gaza City on Sunday.
Dusan Vranic
An Israeli drone circles over Gaza City on Sunday.

There are some signs that the current conflict in Gaza is de-escalating: As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports, the Israel Defense Forces have started pulling their troops out of Gaza and "stationing the remaining soldiers on hills on the Palestinian side of the border with Israel."

Israel has also declared a unilateral, seven-hour, humanitarian cease-fire that covers the better part of today. But as The Washington Post notes, just before the cease-fire started, an "Israeli airstrike killed a militant leader in the Gaza Strip" and "Palestinians later accused Israel of breaking its own truce by bombing a refu­gee camp."

That's all to say that a long-lasting peace remains elusive.

With that, as the conflict in Gaza enters its 28th day, here's what you need to know today:

-- An Attack In Jerusalem:

In what Israeli authorities called a terrorist attack, a man driving a backhoe rammed into a bus in Jerusalem.

Haaretz reports one person was killed and several others were injured. The driver of the backhoe was killed by police.

-- An 'Imposed' Solution:

The Associated Press reports that the French foreign minister says if Israelis and Palestinians can't reach a peace deal, the international community may have to impose one.

The AP adds:

"In an unusually strong statement Monday, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Israel's right to security 'does not justify the killing of children and the massacre of civilians.' France is closely allied with Israel, and Fabius' statement was a rare direct criticism. ...

"He said a cease-fire, followed by a two-state solution, is needed and 'should be imposed by the international community because, despite numerous attempts, the two sides have shown themselves to be incapable of concluding negotiations.'"

-- The Death Toll:

According to Palestinian officials, 1,835 have died in Gaza. Meanwhile, in Israel, a total of 67 — including three civilians — have been killed.

Here's the U.N. breakdown of those numbers. Note that the graphic has yet to catch up with today's latest numbers:

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/ U.N.

Eyder Peralta is NPR's East Africa correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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