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Thanks For The ... Spatula: The Promotional Stuff Of Press Tour

This blue spatula is promoting an upcoming food documentary on Nat Geo.
This blue spatula is promoting an upcoming food documentary on Nat Geo.

One of the stranger aspects of press tour is the stuff. Labeled with names of shows and networks, it comes in two basic forms.

The first is the desk stuff. That's the stuff that is either at your desk when you come to a panel or handed out while you're sitting there. The other is the room drop: the stuff that the hotel discreetly delivers to your room, either while you're there or while you're not — meaning you get back to your room and there's, let's say, a backpack on the bed.

Which isn't creepy at all.

But in the interests of full disclosure (and with the constant company of the NPR handbook guideline covering "hats, mugs, T-shirts, etc.") (which fails to add "and other weird things we haven't thought of, such as spatulas"), I thought I'd let you know what, just in the first three days, has come into my life, most of which I will not take home because I don't have eight suitcases and three apartments.

  • One tiny first-aid kit
  • One tiny personal-care kit
  • One backpack
  • Two tote bags
  • One gym bag
  • One blue plastic spatula
  • Four T-shirts
  • One scrubs-style shirt
  • Two hats
  • Two notebooks
  • Two pens
  • Four thumb drives
  • One Christmas ornament
  • One bag of candy
  • Two mini bottles of wine
  • Snacks (chips, popcorn, pretzels, marshmallows, and more cookies than they have on Sesame Street)
  • One tin of mints
  • One tin of lip balm
  • One steel water bottle
  • One plastic water bottle
  • One Lego minifig of John Oliver
  • And that doesn't count the books and DVDs that are actually materially related to what they're promoting. Three days down. Thirteen to go.

    Anybody need some mints?

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