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Top Stories: Israel Strikes Gaza; Former Soviet Official Dies

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Shevardnadze, Former Georgian President, Dies At 86.

-- Hamas Vows Revenge For Fighters Killed In Air Attack.

And here are more early headlines:

Ukraine Says It Takes More Territory From Separatists. (BBC)

Montana Train Derailment Spills Plane Fuselages Into River. (KOMO)

Australia Returns Asylum-Seekers To Sri Lanka, Angering Activists. (The Australian)

Report: Some Kidnapped Nigerian Women May Have Escaped Boko Haram. (AllAfrica)

L.A. Clippers Co-Owners Battle In Court Today For Assets. (Orange County Register)

Tiny California Town Sold For Undisclosed Price. (San Luis Obispo Tribune)

Man Gored In Spain's Running Of The Bulls. (AP)

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