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Top Stories: Sandy Hook Students Back In School; 2012 Layoffs Declined

Good morning, here are our early stories:

With Those Lost In Mind, Sandy Hook Students And Staff Return To Classes.

Pace Of Layoffs Slowed Sharply In 2012.

And here are more early headlines:

New Congress to Be Sworn In Today, Facing Budget, Disaster Relief Bills. (Politico)

Incoming House Members Expected To Hold Two Votes This Month On Sandy Aid. (ABC)

India Formally Charges Five Men With Rape And Murder Of Medical Student. (AP)

Cold Weather In India Kills Dozens, Authorities Say. (Al Jazeera)

Myanmar Says It Used Air Strikes To Attack Northern Rebels. (Los Angeles Times)

Britain Rebuffs New Argentina Demand To Return Falkland Islands. (BBC)

Photos Spread Speculation That Wife Of North Korean Leader Kim Has Given Birth. (AFP)

French Actor Gerard Depardieu Given Russian Citizenship After Tax Dispute With Paris. (BBC)

'50s Pop Singer Patti Page Dies. (NPR)

NASA Streaming Quadrantid Meteor Shower. (NASA)

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