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Top Stories: Isaac Arrives In Louisiana; Getting Ready For Ryan's Speech

Good morning, we're following these early stories:

Hurricane Isaac Pummels Louisiana; New Orleans Yet To Feel Brunt.

As Ryan Takes The Stage, He Gives Hope To Republicans, Democrats Alike.

And here are more morning headlines:

Syrian President Assad Says His Troops Fighting A 'Global Battle'. (VOA)

Overwhelmed Turkey Calling For Safe Zone In Syria For Refugees. (Financial Times)

Afghan President Karzai Angers Parliament By Appointing Disliked Minister To New Position. (Reuters)

Ex-SEAL Author Has Different View Of Bin Laden's Death In New Book. (AP)

Legal Appeal From Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Is Rejected. (Bloomberg)

Report: French Authorities Open Investigation Into Arafat Poisoning Claims. (AFP)

Former Scottish Editor Of Murdoch Paper Arrested, Charged WIth Obstructing Justice. (Guardian)

Ariz. Rep. Ben Quayle Loses Primary Election To Fellow Rep. Dave Schweikert. (Arizona Republic)

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